Top Resources for Free Textures


Textures are very useful not only for 3d artist but also for Graphic designers. W.w.W has lots of website which are providing free high resolution textures. Some  best sites are –


  1. is the best website for Free textures on this earth. They provides high quality textures for both commercial and non commercial use.

    free textures

    Textures – More than 25000 and rapidly growing.

  2. is actually our sister site. It provides You high resolution Textures free for any use.

    free textures

    Textures – More than 2000

  3. is very famous for not only their textures but also for their royalty free pictures stock.


    More than 20000 Images and Pictures.

  4. has thousands of Free royalty free pictures and Textures

    free 3d textures

    More than 3000

    vector textures
    More than 2000 items.
  6. is an another name for good quality Textures

    texture king

    More than 300 textures



  8. A good Site for Nice Textures.


  9. If You are Looking For Free Seamless Textures. Try these Websites –

    seamless textures

    The Sad Point – Do you know was the world’s most famous website for Free textures. But due to some hardware problem this is currently offline( from February 2008 to Now). The main Thing is that after more than 8 months being offline  that is still on Number 1 page on all major search engine when we type Free Textures



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